The Power of “The Selfie” for Marketing Strategies

“Selfie” has completely taken over our culture. They get snapped, posted and honestly, completely poked fun at—or at least the people who take them are made fun of, very often. So as a business, you may be wondering why or how you can possibly apply the “selfie” to your business. Well, you can—and you should. Why? First, it helps your business connect tangibly to your audience. It’s easy to be in your own little world as a business. It’s busy after all, and you have a lot to do. However, taking a selfie is probably the easiest way to connect with those around you. You can show a side of yourself that customers may not see and it helps put a face to the names that are often thrown about on the service lines and e-mail titles. You are your business—so why not show You?!


Second, it gives you a chance to be a little bit naked. Businesses are usually ALL ABOUT professionalism. And while that’s a lofty goal—it can also make you a bit standoffish in this world of transparency and the ever-bearing social media strip club on the web. Don’t be shy—show your personality a bit. Use the simple “selfie” as a way to advertise your personality and your humor. Say, you drop your coffee on the sidewalk, take a photo and tag the local coffee shop from which you bought your brew. Be vulnerable—that is the most human trait after all!


Last, but definitely not least: the selfie gets your customers involved. People love things that they can be a part of. Even if they don’t necessarily swear by your product or service, the opportunity to be showcased and or exhibited through your communicative lines instills a bit of a thrill in the average narcissist (of which, let’s face it, we all can be victim to at one point or another). Use it to your advantage. Run a contest, a selfie contest, and get your customers to pose with your product for a chance to be featured!


Don’t waste the chance to showcase who you are for free because you’re too afraid of utilizing something that’s often criticized. Make it your own-make it work for you.

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