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Are you an individual?

Are you seeking to grow your influence and exposure? Whether you’re an individual, a consultant, an author, a coach or a blogger, we offer focused strategies to assist you in growing your personal brand. At Visual Caffeine, our clients aren’t just clients--they’re family, creative collaborators and teachers all at once. We’re here to help give your brand a voice, a story, and an aesthetic. In short, we’re here to help you succeed.

Are you a small or medium sized company?

Are you trying to grow your business, attract new customers and have more effective on and offline marketing efforts? New or established, small or medium--at Visual Caffeine, size doesn’t matter and age is just a number. Every successful company needs a brand to represent them, the quality of their services and why you’re different from the rest. Let us help you find your voice and create graphics to bring in the ROI you’re looking for.

Marketing agency or department

In need of design, copywriting or web and app development? We help internal marketing departments and marketing agencies seeking support for new strategies and planning. We offer wide spectrum of services to support you in your on and offline marketing efforts.

Inspiration. Collaboration. Passion. Dedication. Motivation.

These five tenants are behind every aspect of Visual Caffeine, from the initial stages of our process to the final product.
It’s not just about what we do–it’s why and how we do it.

Check out our work

At Visual Caffeine we do great work for great people. We have over 16 years of experience in branding and marketing–yes, we enjoy what we do, and we love showing it off. Our portfolio serves two purposes: one, it gives you an idea of how we operate; and two, it shows our creative diversity. We feel very proud to have been chosen by small and large businesses to be trusted with their brand and message, and we are always looking forward to our future projects and next great challenge.

From the rabbit hole

‘From the Rabbit Hole’ is a little section where our creativity and curiosity get to run wild and we invite you to fall in. There’s a bit of madness in us all; and we think that’s a good thing. The same way you can lose yourself in a good book or a compelling story, so should you be able to get lost in the world of creativity, because only then will you find your true self. Here our team’s experience and expertise is utilized to share musings and methods through personally written blogs that answer those most intricate branding questions that our visitors may have. If you read something you like, share it! If you love our commentaries or have a question, please, let us know! From the Rabbit Hole is all about endless possibilities and being open to shaping and creating new ideas and that happens best with a great community of readers, listeners, thinkers, and of course, doers.

Who are we?

All branding agencies share similar goals and motivations–to help businesses define themselves and communicate that definition to the world. Visual Caffeine is no different.


Where we depart is in our methods and our philosophy.


Our philosophy lies in the space between idea and implementation, between business and pleasure, between form and function. We understand that the business always dictates the brand. We aim to add a personalized, human touch to every brand we help solidify.


We’re inspired by people, by beautiful places and hard-to-describe moments. In short, we’re inspired by you.


We are chameleons, enigmas, and are more than what you need us to be. We aim to know what a brand needs before the business owner does. Call it alchemy, call it over-ambition–we call it a day’s work.


Great brands are made and crafted, outlined and edited. Let us help you tell your story.


Enough about us, now let’s get to the better question: who are you?

How do we do it?

Our process is extensive on our part and simple on yours–as it should be. While we welcome the surprises and whimsies that life offers, we also value the confidence that comes from a dog-eared starting manual. A clear, innovative plan leads to the right outcome for you and your brand message. That’s why our creative execution is divided into six phases:

  • Discovery

    This phase is the bread and butter of branding; we get to know you. Here, we research your business, your reputation and your competitors. Then we interview you, get the rundown of what you want to say (if you don’t know, we can help you with that). Our aim here is to set the bones for your brand.

  • Synthesis/Analysis

    Here, we analyze all our compiled information and turn on the innovation that sets the beginnings of something uniquely and irrevocably you.

  • Insight

    This is where the magic happens--the brainstorm, the lightning bolts, and the sparks of inspirations. It’s here where we begin to map out your brand’s direction, giving purpose to the new idea product we’ve collaboratively created.

  • Creativity/Aesthetics

    If “Discovery” is the bread and butter of branding, this is the meat (or tofu!). Here, ideas become words, images, and we give flesh to directive ideas. This phase involves the creation of mood boards, the execution of a ‘look and feel’, and technological-architecture planning. All the nerdy things that creative marketers love.

  • Refinement

    Here, the mantra is “edit, edit, edit.” It’s what you’re saying, so it’s important. Graphics are fine-tuned, copy is modulated and the idea product is given its final touches. Your brand becomes distilled and crystallized to its near-final form.

  • Finalizing

    If brands were works of fine art (and we believe they are), this is when they’d be framed and mounted. The word that resonates in this phase is “perfection”--nothing is published or sent out without your approval, and nothing leaves our drawing board without being essentially and absolutely you.