Authenticity + Transparency + Accountability + Relevancy

At Visual Caffeine, when you enlist our branding and creative services, you’re enlisting our passion and thought-processes. We believe in a panoramic, 360, multi-layered approach to the culmination and cultivation of the story-telling of your brand. Your brand’s ‘vibe’ should be felt throughout your content, your images and your company culture.


We believe that accurately and creatively branding your business, whatever it may be, is a 360 process that doesn’t just stop at your logo and marketing materials. Your brand is the ‘vibe’ that your audience gets when they interact with you via online and offline platforms. And vibes are multi-faceted. They are created by not only one element, but several. That’s how we believe that businesses should think of their brand message.


It’s a tall order, it’s not simple, but luckily, Visual Caffeine is up to the task, and has successfully been supplying brands with curated directions for almost twenty years. We build relationships with our clients, so that they can build relationships with their audience through their brand.


Your business, whatever it may be, has a brand whether you think it does or not. Shouldn’t you be in charge of what it’s saying? We think so. Branding is a lot of things these days—we believe it’s one thing: You. And our job, passion and responsibility to our clients all center around making sure your message is clear and consistent across every piece of content and creation that’s associated with your brand.


COMPANY BRANDING // It’s more essential than ever for companies to be authentic, regardless of their size. We believe that no matter a company’s size, their message should still be stream-lined in such a way that it consistently resonates in the communities in which they exist. Whether you’re a company with hundreds of employees, or only two or three, your authenticity has an amazing story.


PERSONAL BRANDING // Entrepreneurs no longer exist in big buildings behind stacks of papers. They’re out there in the world, talking one on one, and helping, encouraging and servicing the needs of those looking for their specific expertise. Know one knows you better than you know yourself, but, trust us, no one tells others about it better than Visual Caffeine.


Visual Caffeine was started in the mind of a graphic design student years ago. Trust us when we say ‘design matters’. And we don’t take it lightly. For Visual Caffeine, design is a silent art (though the brainstorming sessions can be quite loud in our meetings). Design is the silent speaker to the client who visits your site. Design can push a potential client into becoming an actual client. It can also push them away. It’s a gentle nudge either way, that makes a huge impact on your brand.


“Write what you know”—it’s a phrase that’s often touted in the literary world. And we think it deserves a place in the branding world. Why? Because our process of content creation begins with a big dive into learning all about You and your business. We believe the written word is alive and clicking (let the keys on the keyboard fly)! Our team of copywriters will work closely to find your voice and create consistency across your platforms in order to grammatically, accurately and enthusiastically tell your customers and clients what you do and how you do it differently than anyone else. We’re passionate about the words we create for your brand—it is, after all, your story that is being told.


Social Media is essential to your brand development. Why? Because that’s where your audience is (though their chosen platform may vary). Having a social presence which holds on-brand content, creativity and view-ability means you have a direct line to your customers and potential customers at all times. It’s a world that provides an avenue to exposure, feedback and brand manageability. It’s a tool for your business to speak for itself and to speak with its audience. We’re social media fans, and gurus, who believe that brand positivity is taking back the social media world, in spite of the negativity, junk and marketing ploys that often flood its streams. Aren’t you ready to have your brand do the same?


We’re living in the age of the ‘mobile storefront’. And potential customers are virtually walking into your business daily. What are they seeing? Website design is no longer simply about additional accessibility. It’s about ease, information, validity and your culture. If your website isn’t speaking to these aspects of your brand, you may find your client base lacking. Your webpage speaks for your brand when you aren’t there. Should it be saying all of the things you would say? We think so.


If you have questions, ready to jump in or just want to talk some thoughts through, jot your info below … we love to chat and look forward to learning about you!