3 LinkedIn Tips To Help Grow Your Network

Networking provides so many business opportunities that can help to grow your business. The best known online platform for networking is LinkedIn, and it is well worth your time to optimize your profile and company page. Below are 3 key tips that can help you get more from LinkedIn.


  1. Do your keyword research

Any reputable website needs thorough keyword research to really stand out. LinkedIn is no different. It serves as not only an employment search engine but also as an important Business to Business platform where thousands of potential new business leads are just a few keywords away. Make sure that your “About” section is clear and uncluttered, using the right researched keywords to increase your visibility. “Content Creator”, “Software Engineer” and “Wedding Photographer” are examples of minimal description that help new clients find you through LinkedIn’s algorithms.


  1. Business cards are out. Get LinkedIn.

Sure, business cards can be beautifully designed and flashy – but in this digital age, loose bits of paper simply get forgotten, or tossed away. Maintaining a LinkedIn profile immortalizes your skills and experience online, serving as a permanent portfolio which is only ever a click away. If you meet someone in person, immediately follow up with them on LinkedIn and send them a personal greeting via messenger. This reinforces the connection you have just made and makes it much more likely that this will become a valuable contact, instead of another missed opportunity.


  1. Use native content to boost your visibility

Algorithms can be difficult to crack, but fortunately this element is simple. Like many other networking sites, LinkedIn’s algorithms much prefer native content as opposed to content shared from other platforms. By creating rich media content directly on LinkedIn, your profile is much more likely to stay on your contacts’ radars – being pushed into their newsfeeds much more readily. It also shows that you are serious about your LinkedIn profile, which is a check in the box for professionalism. If you’re stuck for content to create, always check the trending news section to see what others in your networks are interested in seeing. If you use the right hashtags, you may even see your content appear as a suggestion in that very same trending news section.



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