Be Yourself, True Authenticity

Your true self is what lasts and helps build your reputation; it’s sustainable. When we aren’t our authentic selves we are wearing lots of masks. I read this article recently that discussed the wearing of masks back in 1296 in the Venetian Carnival, this allowed the lower classes a time for fun, total anonymity and people to freely vent as well as mock authority, but disguising themselves soon became a way for people to commit criminal acts, such as theft and physical attacks. This is a great example how by wearing masks and when we do it long enough we start becoming what we are impersonating.

We may feel our masks are appropriate or authentic after some time, but we are all just wearing a disguise and fooling even ourselves.

How do we find authentic self? First remove the masks! Simple right, for some this will take some drastic action. Being yourself doesn’t mean standing out or intentionally being different for the sake of being different. It just means accept who you are and the path you are on and stop comparing yourself to others. Being authentic is staying true to who you are and not about your image. Be brave and honest about your true thoughts and opinions. This will also shift your decisions and actions as well.

What mask do you want to remove?

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