Celebstagram: What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Social Media

Regardless of what type of Instagram account you hold, chances are that there is at least one celebrity talent or mogul that you follow. In fact, Instagram’s major daily contributors are celebrities. There’s a lot you can learn from celebrity Instagram accounts—what NOT to do, and what TO DO with your brand on Instagram. We’ll focus on the ‘to do’ lessons for now. So, what are celebrities doing right?


  1. They are consistent:

Celebrities. Post. consistently. Maybe it’s every day, every hour or every minute, but it can never be said that a celebrity account has virtual dust gathering on its pages. Celebrities know that one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Being consistent and giving viewers something to see and follow is essential in celebrity status and business status. If you aren’t posting content on a regular basis, you shouldn’t have an account! No account would be better for your business than an empty one.

  1. They know the value of the “behind the scenes” photo:

Celebrities live in a world where they can be dolled up, made up, dressed up and talked up. It’s a world that often gets a reputation for being fake and contrived. With social media on the scene, celebrities can play to viewers’ voyeurism on a whole other level. When viewers see what life is like behind the bright lights and the big screen they feel the celebrity is more transparent. The same can be said for your brand and business. You don’t have to show the guts of your finances. No. Simply share a part of your business that isn’t normally seen to the broader audience.

  1. They Give Call Outs:

Celebrities know that by attaching to something or someone popular that they can continue to rise in popularity themselves. How often do you see a celebrity share their food photo at a popular restaurant and tag them or others they are dining with? Pretty often. Those photos get a lot of likes. Why? Because it’s territory that can be familiar to the average viewer. Similarly, as a business, make it a point to interact and share local businesses that you support or products that you enjoy. It broadens your reach and can build a community vibe with your audience through a simple photo!

  1. They Are Human

At Visual Caffeine we have a common motto that’s repeated through our office and our team, onto our clients. That motto is: Making Companies Human. What do we mean by that? We mean that you are a business that’s run by people—allow the humanization of your brand to be elevated. A celebrity shares their humor, their mistakes and their successes. Don’t resort to a robotic form of communication through your IG. Be natural—be human. Viewers will respond positively.


So where will you start in revitalizing your business’ Instagram? It doesn’t take a huge amount of change to begin positively driving your brand message to others. However, if you’re still not sure how to go about that, it’s best to call in a professional. If you want help building and cultivating your business brand then drop us a line at [email protected], or give us a call!

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