Five Ways To Maintain Brand Consistency As You Grow Your Business

It’s fair to say that brands build and evolve over time. It’s important to maintain a thread of consistency throughout the changes as most purchasing decisions come to be made subconsciously. Don’t try to challenge a customer’s perception of your brand by making significant changes – make it simple for them to create positive associations so that purchases become as easy as possible. Here are 5 ways you can manage your brand as your business grows.

Consolidate your purpose

Ensure your business has a clear grasp of its values and purpose. Align your branding with these concepts. Even if you choose to tweak or alter your logo or supporting branding (such as typeface or overall color scheme) it should remain reflective of your overall mission. Don’t hesitate to audit your proposed branding against these ideals.


Delegate the approvals procedure

If you began as a sole trader or small business, it’s possible that you personally approved of every external communication and branding choice. As your business grows this will quickly become unmanageable. Delegate branding approvals to your marketing manager, as they will have the strongest grasp on your client-facing image and messaging.


Use templates

One way to streamline the delegation and approvals process is to create a series of templates. Creating brand alignment can be as simple as using these templates in every area your business. Web content, email signatures, branding, press releases and any other method of communication should use a consistent approach. It gives employees confidence and autonomy which can increase both productivity and morale. The template method can be replicated no matter the scale of your business, making it cost-effective, too.


Maintain genuine brand messaging

Your employees must believe that the marketing messages of the company apply equally within the company. This easily relates back to the first point of maintaining alignment with the company’s core values and purpose. If there is any disparity between the two, your employees may lose faith in the company and offer less enthusiasm, less commitment and less quality overall.


Maintain product quality

Your brand image will quickly fall if your product or service quality declines over time. As a business grows there may be motivation to reduce costs or cut corners. Customers will notice a decline in product or service quality. The age of social media means that customer dissatisfaction is heard quickly and loudly. In some cases, it can be amplified by traditional media. Avoid this by maintaining excellence with regard to your public offerings. This should include your products and services, but also your customer interactions, across digital and physical spaces.


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