Four Ways Your Website Is Turning Your Potential Customers Away

Four Ways Your Website Is Turning Your Potential Customers Away

Let’s talk about websites for a bit. There’s a lot that goes into them, and in our opinion, if you want it done well, well then you need to get a professional. However, there are some web elements that aren’t restricted to coding and development. While copywriting, aesthetic cohesion and style are important, even the sleekest website can fall into the “annoying” category. So, for your benefit, here are four ways that your website may be hurting your business by turning away your customers:


  1. What You Do Isn’t Clear—Coming from a branding agency, this says something. While mystique and anonymity can sometimes strike up a flurry of interest, at the end of the day people will only give you their money for your work if they know what to expect. Make sure that you have a clear picture on your website that gives viewers an initial look at your business. After leaving your site, customers should be able to give at least a 75% description of all that you do and are capable of as a business.
  2. There are Pop-ups— If the early AOL days taught us anything, it’s that pop-ups are the worst. It can also hurt your business; even if you think you are using them in an eloquent way. Make sure that pop-ups are placed well and that they are easily moveable for readability.
  3. You Force Them To Sign Up For Information— This is a cruel thing to do to a potential customer. Yes, getting an e-mail address gets you a leg-up when it comes to marketing, however, if you force customers to give you their e-mail address just to review a huge chunk of your information you’ll only succeed in losing a potential customer. Give your viewers a good look at your site, for free.
  4. Your site isn’t mobile friendly—It’s 2016; almost everything that is done on the web is actually done from a smartphone. That means there is more need than ever for a business to have a mobile-friendly version of their site. This will make contacting you more efficient and show potential customers that, overall, you’ve got your stuff together as a business.


Now, these four things may seem simple (and they are to an extent), but the execution in avoiding these mistakes can be a bit trickier. That’s why it’s SO important to have the right guidance from a reputable agency when creating the elements that will work to reveal your brand to your customers. If you’re looking for a ‘tune-up’ on your branding elements give us a call or e-mail us at Visual Caffeine.

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