Free Work: A Major Boone for You and Your Client Base

Free Work: A Major Boone for You and Your Client Base

Free–it’s a word that businesses loathe and customers adore. Why? Customers want anything that doesn’t offer them the chance of a liability. However, businesses find giving products and services away for free is a liability in itself—but if utilized properly it offers several beneficial elements to your business, regardless of its size.


  1. It gives you exposure. Sure you have your social media platforms and you have your various advertisements but by reaching out with free work and service you open yourself up to a variety of faces and names from a variety of different cultures and communities. It does the footwork for you—and by giving those in need of your services you get your name and reputation into the minds and hearts of the least likely advertisers.


  1. It solidifies you in the community. There’s no better way to show others in your community who you are than by donating your time, energy and skills to those around you. It doesn’t always have to be a return of investment (ROI) in a financial sense—perhaps the ROI is this: an emotional and spiritual feelings of accomplishment, while exercising your skills for the betterment of others. And you’ll show that you care about your community and your contribution to those in it.



  1. It shows you value relationships over monetary gain. Businesses can often look greedy, but the reality is that regardless of where you are in your business there are always financial improvements or aesthetic improvements that can be made. When you forego money it can solidify to others that you are stabilized financially, instilling confidence in potential customers, and assure them that relationships and value, not monetary mores, drive your business.


  1. It gives you a resume boost for your newsletter! Are you looking for more fodder for your internal and external morale? Well volunteer your services to others. This will give you something to write about to your clients in order to share the successes of others and it will continue giving you a presence as someone who not only helps others, but celebrates their successes.


Warning, be careful about giving your work and talent away for free. Make sure that you have an ROI set, whether your return is opportunity, exposure or emotional wealth—take care of you and your business.

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