How Can Hyperlocal Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

As the world becomes increasingly mobile customers are reaching for products that should ideally be at arm’s length. Customers are hoping that search engines can use their location every time they do a search. Searches like these have increased by 150% in recent years. This just goes to show that businesses need to use hyperlocal marketing.

However, this sort of marketing is a new approach that focuses on potential customers in a specific area. It targets those who have specific addresses, rather than those who live further away. This helps to keep the focus on local businesses and stores which increases their footprint and helps their business to grow.

Below you will find 5 methods that will help you use hyperlocal marketing to boost your business.

Use Hyperlocal Content

When you create hyperlocal content you need to look at what your customers buy and focus content around giving them information and answers to their questions around these products or services. You can create videos, blogs, images or any other type of content you wish. Just make sure that it appeals to potential customers in the local area.

Use Hyperlocal Advertisements

Target people in a specific location using geo-fencing and location tracking in your advertisements. Simply come up with a distance from your business location and use the data you already have to launch your advertising campaigns. If there is an event in your local area use advertisements to target potential customers.

Create Separate Pages for Each Business Location

Let’s imagine you have multiple business locations. You need to have specific pages for each of these locations. This will boost your search rankings and make it easier for local people to find you. If you have any content on your website personalize it with location-based keywords. Use a menu titled ‘The Areas we Serve’ for example, so local people can find you.

Ensure your Contact Details Stand Out

Many businesses have their contact details located at the bottom of the home page or on their ‘Contact’ page. Adding your contact information in an easier to reach location will make it easier for customers to contact you. Add your details to every page of your website. Embed a map on your site too so people can see exactly where you are.

Use a Google ‘My Business’ Listing

If you have a small brick and mortar business you need to use your ‘My Business’ pages to their full effect. A third of all searches that occur on Google are related to a specific location. This is where you could use ‘My Business’ to your advantage. Come up with a business description in less than 750 characters. Add some keywords in there too as they will help. Upload high-quality photographs list of all your telephone numbers and your operating hours. Don’t forget to list your great reviews as they will also help to boost your business.


With a little bit of work, hyperlocal marketing could help your business to grow and take it to the next level.

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