How does social media really help your business …

There is no doubt that social media is everywhere today, and it would be foolish to ignore it.

Consumers often seek out brands on social media before they look anywhere else. If you’re not connected to at least one of the many social media channels, you are almost invisible.

Don’t think social media is worth your time? Here are some clear cut ways that social media can help your business.


Boosts interaction and communication

These days it’s common that consumers will seek out brands on social media before turning to a company website. Ensuring your contact details are up to date and messaging channels are monitored will see a boost in customer satisfaction. When consumers reach out via social media they expect a response.


Increases engagement

This is slightly different from interaction. When your brand generates relevant, targeted and engaging content, consumers are likely to share it with others and engage with it. Every time your content is liked or shared, new eyes see your brand and what it stands for.


Cost effective marketing

The power of social media marketing cannot be understated. Campaigns can go viral, being spread far and wide with little encouragement. Endorsements by influential users can see visible rises in sales. Generally, generating shareable content is free – you can choose to pay for advertising on social media but it’s not a requirement.


Targeted content

If you have a diverse or international market, it’s easy to tailor your content to different location groups. This is called geotargeting. Make sure consumers in your target city see advertisements relevant to them. This also means people outside the area don’t see it – meaning they don’t have to ignore an irrelevant post from you.


Consumer insights

It’s also possible to see statistics about who is engaging with your brand on social media. This can get quite specific, and helps you share content that is likely to gain traction with your target market. Using your available data on age, gender and location ensures your paid advertising falls in front of the exact people you want to engage with.


Increase conversions

Often a great post on social media can include a link to your webshop, even to a specific item on offer. If social media users enjoy your content they are likely to click through directly to the sales page. This has been shown to dramatically increase sales conversions over browsing on the webshop directly.


Opportunity to find your tribe

Social media goes far beyond Facebook. Different demographics use different channels, like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Weibo etc. Find out where your market is spending time online and get your brand in front of them in an engaging way. You will see a difference very quickly.

If you’d like to discuss your own social media marketing strategy, get in touch with Visual Caffeine, and let our expert social marketing team guide you through the process.

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