How To Bring Your Branding To An Event

If your business is going to participate in a larger event like a roadshow or festival, you’re going to be competing for attention with every other stall holder.

It’s not a bad thing – attendees are there because they are interested in experiencing what’s to offer. There are ways you can get your brand to stand out, and ways to make use of the positive relationships you begin to build with attendees.

Think about how you can integrate your brand into the event, and how both digital and print marketing can help you get your message out there. It’s a great idea to build interest before the event, cultivate relationships during the event and most importantly – follow up those relationships at the conclusion.


Integrate your brand into the event

If you’re hosting an event, you can do a lot to ensure that the event reflects your company’s brand. But how can you achieve that if you hosting a stall at a larger event, for example?

There’s plenty you can do. Before you agree to join a larger event, do some research. Is the event aligned with your current brand strategy? Are there any potential conflicts of interest? If you’re happy that your brand aligns with the event theme, you could investigate potential opportunities for a sponsoring partnership with the hosts. This could get your brand in front of more eyes, and build a positive association to the event and its success.


Design and marketing materials

This has two elements: digital and offline marketing. The key is consistency. Select your font and color palette early and commit to using it throughout the campaign. Use every communication as a chance to demonstrate your brand persona – the type of characteristics your brand might have, if it were a real person. Color and savvy composition are the two main focuses of print marketing. Your posters should stand out, reflect the brand and draw the eye. Finally, include your event hashtag across all marketing strategies.


Touchpoint strategies before and after the event

Social media is going to be the main link between you and the people who attend the event. Keep your communications regular in the lead up to the event. Advertise across applicable social media platforms (follow your market – where do they spend time online?). Make sure the accounts are monitored to solve any queries promptly.

After the event, harness the good will of participants by reconnecting. Thank them for coming and give them information about ways they can have similar experiences with your brand. If you have offered special offers during the event (see below), then remind participants to redeem them.


Engagement during the event

How you engage your market at the event depends entirely on the style of event. If you have a stall at a larger event, there’s still a lot you can do to make your customer experience memorable. Provide plenty of interaction and information. Offer free gifts or digital subscriptions. Freebies encourage goodwill, and establishing a digital connection can help funnel attendance and sales after the event is finished.


If you’d like personalized help and advice from experienced professionals on how to brand your next event, contact the team at Visual Caffeine.

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