How Your Business Can Make The Big Time On Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly an influential platform. This ability to influence draws interest and voices from every quarter. The challenge for your business is to stand out amongst these voices and garner attention.

If you’ve established why you want to go big on social, you can use these tips to start generating that interest, brand recognition, and sales.

Be strategic

Before you start to explore why your business should make the big time on social media, you should ask yourself why you want to be there at all. There’s a difference between maintaining a reliable presence and making a splash. What is the point of creating hype online? Some businesses aim to make noise on social media because they think it’s what everyone else is doing. If you’re just trying to generate hype because it’s a popular or trendy marketing method, it probably won’t yield any tangible benefit to your business. The benefit will come if you take the next step into consideration.

The reason you want to get attention on social media is, so you can leverage that attention and convert it to sales and profit. It is absolutely that simple.

Social media can play an exceptional role in brand marketing when there is an exceptional brand strategy behind it. Outline why you want to promote your brand on social media channels and what success on each social platform look like for you. If you decide to use social to drive traffic to your website, for example, be sure that the website is positioned to track engagement, handle the traffic and encourage a high conversion rate.

Be unique

Social media is all about authenticity. Build your editorial calendar to include plenty of unique and personable content. If you are a sole trader, you can easily identify the qualities that you want to highlight and generate posts that reflect them. If you’re a small business, the same advice applies. You can highlight individual staff, or client stories, or feature stories about your B2B suppliers. Make sure it’s relevant to and consistent with your brand strategy.

Be useful

Along with relatable content, be sure that your posts on social are useful to your audience. Can you create short videos or infographics that teach your followers something new? (Videos and graphics are also easy to share on social platforms, which can increase views and engagement). Developing useful posts does not have to be time-consuming. Remember that helpful tips and advice may seem like second-nature to you, but it could be a genuine revelation for your followers.


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