Instagram Reels for Business

Instagram Reels for Business

Did you know that you had a powerful tool available to you right there on Instagram to boost your marketing strategy?

We would like to tell you about a powerful suite of tools to help you inspire your followers with great videos that you can create yourself. It’s called Instagram Reels, and if you haven’t used it, then you are missing a trick.

Let’s tell you about it.

What Is Instagram Reels?

This is an exciting new way to create engaging video content on Instagram. These 15 to 30-second multi-clip videos can be recorded, edited, have effects added, and be set to your own music on Instagram. This is a fun and entertaining way to share your videos with anyone on the platform.

Instagram Reels and TikTok

Instagram Reels, which is a new section on the app, is similar to TikTok and is set to cash in on the popularity these platforms enjoy, especially with the uncertainty surrounding TikTok in the USA.

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage, people look for ways to keep entertained. TikTok has been the most popular viral video app, achieving more than 2 billion downloads in Q1 2020. The fact that the percentage of Millennials vs Gen-Z using these video apps is increasing makes them the perfect marketing platform for businesses.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Marketing

Instagram has a billion-plus monthly user base which makes it an ideal platform for brands and influencers to reach a wider audience.

  • Brands can pay to advertise on Instagram Reels to ensure they reach a targeted demographic.
  • Use it as a platform to promote awareness of your products which will result in increased sales.
  • Share educational content with your followers, whether it is how to apply makeup, how to cook a favorite recipe, or fix a fancy cocktail.

The informal format of Instagram Stories has been very successful and has shown how popular this format is. Instagram Reels will act as an add-on to Stories delivering authentic content that is fun and easy to create, and will show the funny, human side of your business.

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