Instagram Trends To Inform Your Strategy For 2019

Since its launch back in 2010, Instagram has seen exponential growth. In fact, the platform has reached 1 billion active users and has become a huge attraction to brands.


Instagram can help brands to connect with their customers on a whole new level. However, 2018 was not a great year for the social media platform as along with other social media sites it has been a major player in promoting harmful content.


The good news is that Instagram has adjusted its guidelines and it is now seen as being a positive social platform once more.


The even better news is there are some trends that brands may want to be aware of. They could potentially come in handy when you’re devising your social strategy for 2019.

Micro Influencers

While there are some big established influencers on Instagram there are also some micro influencers too. Brands are increasingly using micro influencers to help them. This is because they believe they have a more niche following and can create even better engagements that a celebrity might.



Snapchat has embraced the use of video and accessible stories. Instagram has been using a similar function since 2016 and it’s fair to say that it’s become something of a success. 400 million stories are now launched every day which is quite remarkable considering its slow start.


You can also have third-parties create stickers that are branded and attach them to your consumer stories. This has proven quite popular as consumers are seeing the stickers more often and, therefore, becoming more familiar with the brand.


While stories do only last 24 hours on your feed you do now have the option of saving it on your Highlights tab. This means the stories can be seen indefinitely.


Augmented Reality

Brands can also use Instagram’s filters that come with a filter selection and in-built camera. This is a function that’s similar to using stickers but they can be created by and purchased by brands.


Brands such as Gucci and Adidas have used these filters and they have been quite successful. The filters are ideal if you want to promote your brand you can do so in a way that is fun and engaging.


Instagram Shopping

Instagram has now ventured into online shopping. As soon as high street brands started to use Instagram it was inevitable that shopping on Instagram would one day be a thing. At the time of writing, the United States is currently the only place where you can make a purchase on the platform. However, it is likely that the rest of the world will be able to do the same. This means that brands can target their customers around the world in a new and direct way.




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