Let Your Office Go to The Dogs

One scan of the newsfeed on your social media will show that we are collectively a society of animal lovers. The nation is becoming far more tolerant of office place pets. Social workers have discovered it can calm youths who are in a particularly stressful home environment and police stations are using animal therapy to get much needed info from those who suffer from PTSD. They’ve even made their ‘mark’ no pub intended in some creative agencies.

So what’s the deal with workplace pets? Is it a hindrance or a help? More and more research is suggesting it’s definitely a plus all around. Here are a few benefits of a pup friendly office:


  1. Reduces Stress Levels—Research shows that employees who are allowed to bring their pets to work exhibit an 11% reduction in stress levels throughout the day. Reduced stress leads to ore productivity in the workplace and a happier, healthier employee team.
  2. Better Communication—Being aware of animals in the area seems to reduce the tension that can often arise in workplace politics, and it promotes interaction and positive communication. So, in fact, dogs can reduce employee disputes!
  3. Beneficial Breaks—We often carry our negative thoughts into our breaks. Instead of really taking a breather, we analyze what we did wrong, and what more we could have done right. When you’re sitting near a dog or cat though, who is gazing at you with big round eyes and begging for your attention, your ability to focus on the ‘bad’ can become non-existent. When you do go back to work, you will feel a higher sense of calm, and better equipped to move on from your mistakes (which we all make).

Now, how can you implement this well—because we all know that not everyone is an animal lover. Simple, be courteous. If your dog or other pet isn’t friendly, don’t leave him at the office—tense dogs will make tense employees and dilute any positivity. Always let your clients and visitors know beforehand that you’re a ‘pet friendly’ environment, that way you can re-schedule to a proper meeting place for those with allergies, or who just don’t value pet hair like the rest of us!

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