Periscope: Everybody’s NOT Doing It–but maybe You should!

Have you heard of Periscope? Maybe. That’s the boat most are in right now—you’ve heard of it, but it’s not blasting through the cultural conch shell yet. And even if it is, you’re not really sure what the big deal is, right? Should you engage, and why is it getting discussed as a great platform for businesses? Here are a few reasons why:


  1. It plays to your client’s voyeurism

Even the name “periscope” resonates as an inside “peek” into a rarely seen environment. If you’re not afraid to show who you are and where you operate then people will feel that you’re much more trustworthy.

  1. Hit a niche group

While Periscope isn’t the most popular social platform, if tech history has taught us anything it’s that being on the cutting edge of anything is always best. No one will fault you for trying a social platform approach that didn’t work, but being able to say you were there at the start is always a perfect addition to your company’s resume.

  1. Show your “live”liness

Chances are that your service is not alone in what it does, so it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd. And with periscope you can do just that. Live video let’s you accurately display your best self to anyone who wants to see it!

  1. Instruct (It’s basically like a free commercial)

Marketing that speaks straight to the customer is and always will be essential. Marketing is about connecting with your potential customer. In order to do that effectively you have to have a bit of perceived vulnerability on your end. Get in the grind with your product or service. Show potential customers how you work, why you work and what inspired you. You can do all of this through periscope, and really start to gain some momentum when it comes to announcing who you are to others.


So will Periscope endure? We can’t be sure but we do know that similar platforms have gained slow ground but become the ultimate way to send and share information with others (and clients).

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