Pressed/Jrink juicery branding blog post

Have you heard? Juices are the new smoothies. We’re not talking Welch’s grape juice here (no disrespect meant to the fine folks at that American institution)–this juice craze is all about high-end, cold-pressed juices with ingredients like lemongrass, kale, spirulina, beets, cayenne pepper, lavender, and even “activated charcoal”. Gone are the days that juicing was just for middle-aged folks in Birkenstocks. This is the dawning of The Age of the Juicery, and two brands, Pressed and Jrink, are making their niches on opposite sides of the country.

What sets these brands apart isn’t just their unique ingredients or Lululemon-clad clientele–it’s their branding. Pressed, founded in 2010 by three friends with a food truck, sports clean lines and neutral tones with accent colors on both their website and in their numerous Southern and Central California locations, letting their colorful juices (including the lavender activated charcoal lemonade in inky black) speak for themselves. Jrink, a younger DC-based juicery, offers up bolder branding in tune with their all-caps, sans serif typography. Both have great content on topics such as “what your favorite juice says about you” and quizzes to determine which juice cleanse is right for one’s needs, and both have tons of information on the tricks of their trade (juice cleanses, cold pressing, etc).

In accordance with their nearly cultish followings, Jrink and Pressed both boast wildly-popular and always on-brand social media presences, especially on Instagram and Facebook. They excel in the hashtag branding field, with #JRINK and #PressedOnTheGo, sharing the best photos their artsy clientele tag them in.

It appears that these two innovative juiceries have found the perfect storm of marketing elements–a hot new product, simple and elegant design that communicates their brand to a tee and, as so many others have discovered, a message that promotes health and eco-consciousness in a wasteful world. The result: following in the tens (and hundreds, in the case of Pressed) of thousands on social media and moreover, tons of customer interaction. It just goes to show that with the right branding, even health food can be chic.

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