Push vs. Pull Marketing: When To Use Each One For Success

The internet is flooded with different marketing strategies to use. It can be overwhelming. Ultimately most marketing techniques boil down to two core ideas: push and pull marketing. Push marketing involves you pushing your brand out in front of an audience. Every advertisement you see is an example of push marketing. Pull marketing is quite the opposite. When you allow your brand to speak for itself through positive word of mouth, your potential clients are pulled toward you.

Each of these marketing methods have merit and value. The real key is establishing which method is the right one for your business, and in which situation. You’re likely to use both strategies at different times and choosing the right one can make a big difference in the success of your brand and your business.

When to use push marketing

If your business is new, you will likely need to rely on push marketing to get your brand in front of potential customers. Google AdWords, television commercials, traditional advertisements, email campaigns and social media activities all fall under this banner. A smart, well-targeted campaign can raise the profile of your business. Push marketing is also finding a new avenue with the rise of social media influencers. Leverage their popularity and authority to improve your brand recognition and value. As this grows, you can start to leverage this recognition with pull marketing techniques.

When to use pull marketing

Pulling customers toward your brand is a far less aggressive marketing technique. While it does focus largely on encouraging word of mouth endorsements and testimonials, it can also be used in a wider context. Network with people and ask them how you might help them solve an issue. Create an online presence that establishes your brand as an authority that can be relied on. When clients are able to identify you and reach out without the ‘ask’ of an advertisement, there is a far greater chance of a beneficial relationship developing. Use pull marketing techniques as your business grows and your brand name becomes recognized. It’s much more difficult to attract customers in this fashion if you haven’t done the groundwork of creating and establishing your name.

When to combine push and pull techniques

Consider a holistic approach to marketing. You may choose to use traditional push advertisements in a more passive fashion, while constantly looking to build relationships and demonstrate your value. Show clients how you can be of use to them and ask them if they know anyone who might benefit from your offerings. When partnerships work well you can share the success and broaden the pull approach on behalf of both parties.

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