Storytelling: Boosting Your Brand (A True Tale)

Storytelling: Boosting Your Brand (A True Tale)

Branding masters and business owners are always looking and waiting for “the next big thing” in their social media efforts. It’s no secret that over the past ten years (especially the past five) that social media has been key in helping businesses grow and connect with the community. Finding out about a local entrepreneur’s, or small business’ hours, whereabouts and upcoming events is as easy as a couple of clicks on your laptop or iPhone. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer an array of options for business owners to continuously reach their audience. However, that face is changing. Now, social media isn’t going anywhere—not for a while at least. But, social media is changing. It’s no longer about quick and efficient information hidden in the time-line and midst of political rants and baby photos. Nope; it’s about a business being able to tell their story.

What do we mean by story? We mean a lot of things. Stories are authentic, vulnerable, exciting and entertaining. There are perhaps dozens of individuals and businesses who offer, or sell, exactly what you offer or sell. How are you different? Well, your story is different. No two business have similar stories. So, why aren’t you telling yours? At Visual Caffeine, we’ve long said that your brand is a story. It should get people interested in your product, your service, your motto and your motives. At its most basic, a story is simply an entertaining telling of something that could easily be mundane.

“Storytelling” has also become the buzzword of social media. With the popularity of digital grass-root efforts that curate from start-up companies such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe—we’ve deduced one thing. Stories sell. And they give more information than the average slogan or ad. If your business isn’t grabbing hold of this social phenomena, then you are missing out. Your brand should be accurately molded and crafted to tell the absolute most authentic story for your business in order to grab your audience (and hold their attention). At Visual Caffeine, we love stories, and we love helping businesses tell theirs so that they can grow and plan their business’ future. If you are looking for a way to tell your story, contact us. We have some ideas…

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