Where Is Content Marketing Heading?

We’re starting a new year, and 2020 is expected to be another big 12 months for content marketing. Let’s take a look at what is likely to change over the year as content marketing continues to evolve.



Research has shown up to 90% of consumers prefer personalized products, services, and content, while 80% would rather buy from a brand that offers a more personalized experience.


The stats also show that personalized messages work much better in content marketing and email campaigns, with those using personalization getting up to 3 times more engagement.


To create personalization you need to be using digital tools with your website, email campaigns, apps and marketing to capture data that can be used to personalize your content to users.



SEO trends come and go, but Google has remained consistent in valuing high-quality content that gives users what they are looking for and answers their search queries.


There’s no doubt creating high-quality articles, infographics, video content and audio like podcasts are an investment, but they do work well to build leads, engagement, and trust with your target audience. High-quality content marketing can generate not only more leads but also higher conversion rates than many other types of marketing.


Interactive content

Content marketing to date has been mostly centered on traditional formats such as articles, videos, and graphics. The range of formats being used is changing with interactive content becoming more common. VR headsets are one obvious example of this. Other examples include augmented reality adverts, or quizzes, polls, and competitions.


Digital marketing is always changing and we like to stay ahead of the trends and see where the market is heading.


In 2020, we think it’s likely that content marketing will become even more popular than it already is. Not only that, but the formats and media content marketers will use to reach their audience will grow with more interactivity becoming the norm.




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