Why Every E-commerce Site Should Have A Blog To Drive Traffic

E-commerce relies on having potential customers find the website in the first instance. Increasing traffic is a reliable way to increase sales. Everyone in e-commerce knows that blogging is a strategic way to get more sales but, so few traders do it. That’s a shame because every e-commerce site should have a blog to drive traffic.

Traditional online sales methods work well. When you take care to build your list and create powerful sales copy you drive sales. When you reach out to potential customers and exceed the expectations of customers you drive sales. Blogging regularly helps you to drive sales too. This is how.

Some e-commerce traders feel that if their store is small or their reach is small that blogging is a waste of time. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Blogging regularly indicates to Google that your website is current and active. Each new post is a new page that is a potential link back to your sales funnel. You can also create strong anchor text links to your products as you naturally showcase them in your posts.

When you write good quality content it’s more likely to be shared on social media and linked to on other websites. You can control the SEO keywords that are deployed and build your reputation as a subject matter expert. Posting regular content also reassures potential customers that the website is operational. If a customer is trying to determine if an e-commerce site is trustworthy, a detailed blog can help to demonstrate reliability and expertise. Traders that blog regularly are sometimes contacted by media organizations for interviews and quotes. Why close off that potential source of marketing by failing to blog?

Depending on the persona of your e-commerce site, you may like to develop a narrative that reflects the quality and values of the brand. Blogging allows you to post vignettes, stories and examples of how your brand lives by its qualities. Many customers seek to understand the motivations of vendors and a blog is an excellent method of sharing that story.

Blogging on your e-commerce site may not pay off immediately, but it never hurts to have a slow-burning strategy to complement your suite of marketing and branding strategies. If you develop your content and stay smart about search engine rankings you will see results that should compound over time.

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