Why Millennials are Perfect for Your Company

The number of millennials in the workplace is growing rapidly and it’s estimated that they will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Typically considered to be adults born between 1982–2004, millennials are a group who hold a range of skills and attributes that set them apart from other generations. But what are these skills and why do they make millennials perfect for your company?



One of the biggest differentiations between millennials and other generations is their skills with technology. Having grown up with computers, smartphones, and social media, millennials are not only familiar with modern technology, but are quick at learning how to use new forms to optimise your business. Millennials stay up to date with new technology and can teach you how to use even something as simple as social media to your advantage. With the modern business world becoming more digitalised every day, employing millennials will ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind and help you to stay ahead of your competitors.


Motivated to Succeed

Research shows that the majority of millennials value the potential for progression in their career. This makes them driven to work hard and improve their performance wherever possible. As a result, they will value feedback and constructive criticism, meaning that they will also take positively to any of their shortcomings being addressed. Their desire to prove themselves capable and take on more responsibilities also means that you can easily work with them and tailor their role to meet the needs of your company.



Their age may sometimes make employers question their capabilities and experience, but the time at which millennials grew up means that they are creative and will think outside the box. The fact that they have been exposed to the domination of social media also means that they have lots of new ideas which they aren’t afraid to express. If you’re trying to attract younger clients or customers then millennials understand the mindset of that age group. Be it a new marketing strategy or generating ideas that appeal to their age group, millennials will provide a fresh perspective for you and your company.

Team Players

Compared to other generations, millennials have a greater sense of community and value their relationships with their co-workers more. This means that they will easily integrate themselves into your existing team, whilst further encouraging good teamwork and providing ideas for creative and effective team management.


Not Money-Focussed

Although their rate of pay is important to them, millennials value meaningful work more. Unlike many members of previous generations, who prioritised the financial reward of their job, millennials seek out other benefits, such as a good work-life balance, flexibility, and personal recognition. As a result, millennials are focussed on their job, meaning that you will always get the most out of them.



Millennials may have grown up during the time of recession, but they are still the most optimistic generation yet. This has the benefit of making them incredibly grateful for any opportunity presented to them, meaning that they are very hard workers who will do everything that they can to continue progressing and succeeding in their job.



In addition to being the most optimistic, millennials are also the most educated generation yet. The majority of millennials have degrees, meaning that they will appreciate the importance of hard work before they even enter the workplace. In addition to academic benefits, a degree will also have taught them valuable life skills and knowledge that they will be able to put to good use when working for your company.


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