10 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

If you want to keep your business ‘top of mind’ for your client base, you need to maintain your social media presence. It’s also a very cost-effective way to find new customers. Here are 10 tips to increase your Facebook engagement:

Post when fans are online

The Facebook feed is being updated constantly and your content can get buried in the flow. Determine when your followers are online and post content when your users are most active. Don’t be afraid to experiment – and record the results.


The internet is an increasingly visual place. Posts that are text only are almost invisible. Gain traction by choosing engaging images that are relevant to your audience. Make them funny, inspirational or useful. A well-chosen image can be shared by users, which could increase engagement with potential new customers.


Ride the wave of public attention. Examine trending hashtags and think of a creative way to connect your brand to them. If you’ve got something relevant, post while the topic is hot. Your post will become visible in organic searches, which could see an increase in views and likes.

Call to action

Customers are far more likely to engage with your content if you ask them to. Include a call to action on every post, by asking users to share, like, visit or buy. Don’t leave engagement to chance every time you post.

Strategic promotion

Use Facebook Analytics to find your most popular posts and consider giving them a paid boost. It will push the content in front of more users in your specified demographic.

Share content from other channels

If you have an Instagram or YouTube channel, don’t be afraid to cross post the content to Facebook. You have the potential to drive traffic to your other channels which can broaden customer experience with your brand.


Social media is built around the concept of engagement. If you don’t respond to posts and comments on your page, overall interaction can stall. It’s also a smart way to deal with disgruntled customers – solve a problem cheerfully and early and you’ll win more respect.

Provide value

Give away content that’s valuable to your market. Create posts that inspire or solve common problems. Think-pieces and image galleries can work here, too. You can host the content on Facebook or link back to your website to encourage traffic there.

Celebrate holidays

Add a little levity to your feed by connecting your brand to quirky national holidays throughout the year. Do a little research and factor them into your editorial calendar. Keep the connections relevant of course.


Review your analytics to find your most successful posts over the last year or more. If the content is evergreen or can be updated to be more relevant, it can be posted again. Post it as new content, don’t share the original post. It will be newly useful to recent followers and longer-term fans will enjoy seeing useful or popular information for a second time.

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