7 Ways to use Instagram and Snapchat Stories to WIN more Customers

7 Ways to use Instagram and Snapchat Stories to WIN more Customers

Love them or hate them, Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most popular social media apps in the world, with millions of daily users. If you’re not using these free apps to market your business, you’re missing out on free access to a huge audience of potential customers!

And, Instagram and Snapchat have just made it even easier to engage their millions of users, with their new ‘stories’ features.

A Snapchat or Instagram story allows you to post photos and videos in chronological succession to tell a “story” over the course of a day. These are separate to your regular Instagram and Snapchat posts, and, after a 24-hour period, anything you’ve posted to your story will disappear (you don’t have to do a thing!)…

Here are 7 killer ways to use Instagram and Snapchat stories to engage with people and win more customers for free…

  1. Spotlighting events. Whether you’re hosting or attendingan event, you can tell a story during the day to give your followers a sneak peek inside the event, for free. Tech bloggers do this during Apple launch events to win more followers who want to learn about new products. Gamers do the same for global gaming expositions.  But other examples would be local restaurants who are holding a charity “cookathon” event and want to tell a story throughout the day, to engage local residents. Whatever the event you’re attending or hosting, make sure to share your story for those voyeurs out there.
  2. Product launches. These are perfect for Snapchat and Instagram stories. Stories can be used to generate curiosity and buzz about your new product, giving sneak peeks, running competitions, leaking top-secret info (cue the spy music) and so much more the month, week or day before the launch.
  3. Behind the scenes. People are curious creatures and always want to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Show them how you work, where you work, what goes into the products you make, and anything fun about your company that would make people warm up to you as a business.  Use stories to show a “day in the life” of your business, or a “how it’s made” story from start to finish to build appreciation and value in what you sell.
  4. Out and about. Why tell your story from your office, when you could be telling it from a luxurious hotel pool or the top of a mountain? The more interesting the location, the more engaging the story. This works particularly well for travel bloggers, real estate agents, hotels, and outdoor sporting companies.
  5. Mini interviews. Use stories to share your customer’s testimonials and positive reviews, or even just an interview with the founder, or an interesting member of staff that makes your company unique.
  6. Boost your customer engagement by teaching people how to get better results from your products and services. This also introduces your product to potential new customers, too. 
  7. Newsjacking. Use stories to cover breaking news in your industry, and tap into trending traffic on Instagram and Snapchat for a quick burst of new followers, while keeping your existing followers “in the loop” and engaged with your brand.

There you go! 7 simple, but highly effective, tactics to leverage Instagram and Snapchat stories to engage your audience and win new followers (did we mention it’s ‘for free’)!

Jump on there today. Get familiar with these platforms and begin a free marketing tool that can help you gain customers. Start telling more interesting stories that help you win attention, familiarity and trust, week after week.

As with any social platform, consistency and creativity is key. That’s why Visual Caffeine is known as a ‘creative agency’. Continuity is not monotony. Give us a call if you don’t know the difference!

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