Fake It ‘Til You Make It: How to Kill Your Brand

The 80’s brought us some amazing things, including moon boots, hairspray and innovative marketing tactics. Unfortunately, it also brought about a common theme— “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”. Depending on which area of business you’re in, you may feel that this statement is whole-heartedly true or absolutely, and horribly, false. From a branding perspective, we at Visual Caffeine, want to thoroughly encourage you as a business and entrepreneur (and honestly as a person) to STOP adhering to this statement. Here are a few reasons why adhering to it can hurt your business and your brand:


  1. Consumers want authenticity NOT a façade.

Since the 80’s, the modern consumer has changed and advanced. They have multiple choices when they want to purchase something. And, if they’re disappointed in your product there are tons of options to let the public know (e.g., Yelp, Google +, Trip Advisor). Don’t underestimate the power of a disappointed customer.


  1. If you have to fake it, then you simply don’t have it.

Maybe you’re nervous about trying something new. Or maybe you feel that there is something missing, or simply being glanced over, and you know your business has the potential to be bigger and better. With the right guidance and the right steps, you DO have the ability to make it, without faking it. However, if you simply don’t have the ethic, the drive and the manpower to do it, you simply won’t achieve anything except upsetting your clientele and potential customers. Authenticity is always the right direction. Be confident, not fake.


  1. Consumers are smarter than you think.

Marketers and business-minded individuals sometimes think that the crowd of consumers is a mindless mob. It’s not, and you won’t get far in business if you believe that about your clientele. Consumers are smart, they have tools to research, authenticate and compare brands and businesses. So by faking it, you’re only going to push your success further away—they’ll find out. Perhaps you’ll have a short burst of success but it will be short lived and embarrassing.



So, our advice at Visual Caffeine is this: Be confident, Be consistent, Be candid and Be successful. If you have questions about your brand and how you can revamp and revive your image, or simply how you can find your authenticity and communicate that to your audience then give us a call or drop us an e-mail. And remember—you always have the power to be authentic.

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