Pokemon Go(ld): How Small Businesses Are Cashing in On the App

Pokemon Go(ld): How Small Businesses Are Cashing in On the App

Unless you’re living under a sound-proof rock, you’ve no doubt been hearing about, or playing (let’s be real), the new Pokemon Go game. What started as an April Fool’s prank at Google only a few years ago, is now a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. Over 65 million users are on the app in just a week of its launch. It’s an unheard of initial rate when it comes to apps. The popular television show, Pokemon, that was accompanied by trading cards years ago has made viewers get out to explore their city and other people in huge metropolitan areas as well as more rural suburbs and locations.

Local businesses are taking note of this (while angry gardeners on their lawns are not). Countless businesses all over are cashing in on this new app. How? Several ways.

First, many businesses (thanks to young employees no doubt) are finding that by purchasing “lures” as a way to keep their location a hotspot for Pokemon sightings can actually increase their business. Waiting for a Pokemon? Buy a slice of pizza and a soda! Many businesses have seen their profits increase as much as 75% a day, just by utilizing these tactics. Additionally, small businesses are offering rewards to high ranking and leveled players. You’ve probably seen these advertising signs out around your local town. Even bakeries are cashing in on the craze by baking and crafting signature lines of Pokemon-themed goodies.

And last but not least, there’s social media. You knew it was coming! Businesses are capitalizing on this phenomenon in the BEST way yet. If you find a rare Pokemon in or around a business location, businesses are incentivizing you to share that information by posting, tagging and snap-chatting your photos and updates. It creates a wealth of community and a wealth of advertising for literally NO additional cost to the establishment. Pokemon Go might be the best thing that’s happened to small businesses in a while. What will the next game app be? And will you and your business be ready to capitalize on it when it comes around? We can help.

At Visual Caffeine, whether you’re an individual, a consultant, an author, a coach or a blogger, we offer focused strategies to assist you in growing your personal brand. Our clients aren’t just clients–they’re family, creative collaborators and teachers all at once. We’re here to help give your brand a voice, a story, and an aesthetic. In short, we’re here to help you succeed. Now, the poke-ball is in your court!

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