The Card Truth

They litter the streets and gutters, they end up in the washing machines and dryers, they get used for tossed gum, and thrown into the mezzanine of wallets, drawers and handbags. What are they? They are business cards—the solid foundation in garnering business leads and clients. So why are they so mistreated—well perhaps they are misunderstood. Perhaps, we need to bring back the respect of the business card. After all, it’s the most used piece of advertisement that you give away every day for free. And it deserves a resurgence of creative focus. Why?

Well, for starters, it’s nostalgic—whatever your business may be, you’re always going to need to have that hard copy contact for the older generation.

We’re living longer and healthier lives and the baby boomers are still out in full force purchasing, trading and boosting the local communities and national chains. And what do they want to know when you mention your business? Well, do you have a card? And if you don’t, expect immediate judgment and the sound of a mental pen immediately writing you and your business off. However, a well maneuvered card trade and a stylish little rectangle can solidify your name and number—and business—in their minds, not only their wallets and pockets. Secondly, technology can only go so far.

Your phone can die, it can malfunction, it can be prohibited, it can be rude, but the business card is always alive and in style. It’s not distracting—it’s not a cold transaction and it’s not bumbling and awkward as smart phones can often be in a network setting. It’s classic and classy. Last, it’s a sign of success, still. You may think that your laptop, your suit, your shoes or your car is telling the world who you are (and they are to an extent) but if you walk around card-less, then all you’re saying is “I’m not really in demand and I’m not really looking to be”. Showcase your business and your aptitude for acquiring the right type of clients by being ready with a well-designed business card. Not sure how to design that card?

There are tons of experts devoted to just that. And it’s highly recommended that you consult with someone who is familiar with brand management in order to really make your card effective, because trust us—regardless of where your card ends up, if it’s the washer or the pavement, or a quickly antiquating change purse, one will eventually end up in the hands of someone who just might be your next big client. But they won’t be, unless you’re ready with a good introduction a strong contact card.

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