Why You Need a Social Media Manager

There’s been an influx of social media manager job postings in the branding world, despite the fact that most people simply see it as “getting paid to play on Facebook.” They couldn’t be more wrong. Due to this influx of job postings, we decided to recycle one of our favorite blog posts regarding the hiring of a social media manager. As more and more individuals rise up to the challenge of entrepreneurship, they may need to know just how important a social media manager is to helping them build their empire. While you may be able to start on your own, you’ll quickly find that building a following and posting engaging content is a full-time effort. So, here are three reasons why you need a social media manager: 

You Don’t Have the Time: Small business owners can find out rather quickly how extensive and time-consuming social media can be. There are shortcuts, interactions and constant monitoring involved, and your account’s visibility relies on it all. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to devote to those little intricacies. And if you do, then your business probably isn’t doing well because you’re consistently updating and responding to potential customers. You need fresh eyes, and a consistent voice. That’s most prominently attained through hiring a professional social media management team who can be on top of all your activity. Remember, your social media account speaks to your customers before you may even be able to, make sure it’s speaking in your best interest.

You Can’t Write It: Small business owners are great at many things; sometimes, public interaction just isn’t one of those things. You may be thinking ‘so what, I have a great business or product, it speaks for itself’. No it doesn’t; every product comes with a voice, whether you are creating it or not. And if you’re not, your voice is monotonous and void of spark. Furthermore, even if you are a personable and verbally adept individual, it’s hard to advocate objectively for your product and service. Let others take the reins and talk to you and your product up; the right social media management team will make your accounts reek of accuracy, humility, and clarity.

Your Business and Customers Need You Personally: Small business owners often encompass the entirety of the business. They are the face, the contact, and the service. That’s great; you solidify your place in the community that way. It’s a consistently important part of a business. If you’re taking time away from advocating in the community and participating in local efforts to maintain your media accounts, you’ve really defeated the purpose and missed the perks of being a small business. You need to shake hands, meet fellow business owners and create conversations face to face; you can’t do those things through social media regardless of the extent it reaches. You are best as yourself; let the social media team handle the ups and downs of the social media market.

While it’s tempting to think you’re saving time and money by doing your social media yourself, the opposite is true. Unless you’re sleeping three hours a night and are adamantly searching for the latest social media nuances, you’ll find that you will fail quickly at a social media presence and your business will suffer unfairly. Social media is here to stay; let a professional handle it.

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