Seven Ways To Repurpose Your Brand’s Content

Almost everything old can become new again. This includes your old blog content. If you have been producing content for a while, you are sure to have some information that is just as relevant today as the day you posted it. The trick is to harness that information, refresh it and present it in a new light for your new readers. Look at your archives with fresh eyes and use some of these ideas to repurpose your brand’s content.

Turn interviews into eBooks

If you spent some time interviewing an industry expert (or experts), you’re likely to have plenty of fascinating information to share. Take the interview and reformat it into a short eBook. Add in any extra details from the original copy if you have it or contact the expert for a quick update.

Take your blog series and create a beginner’s guide

Did you spend some time working on a series of blog posts that built upon each other? Look at your archives and see if there is a collection of posts that tie together well. Take the information and fold it into a complete guide to the subject at hand.

Feed your statistics to Twitter

If your statistics are still accurate, post them to your Twitter feed with a link back to the original article. Twitter loves a quick fact, and it the only thing it loves more is a quick fact presented as an image.

Convert your blog posts into a podcast

Podcasts may reach a separate demographic to your usual text-based blogging crowd. Hire a freelancer to read your blog posts and record them, if you’re not keen to do it yourself. You’ll reach new people and potentially open yourself up to new avenue streams, too.

Share your posts in a weekly roundup email

Send your email list a weekly blast with snippets of old articles and new. Highlight your best work and your most recent postings. You should see deeper engagement and even social media sharing surges if your evergreen content really is timeless.

Funnel your images to Pinterest

If you are a photographer or you invest time in your blogging graphics, highlight your skills on the social website Pinterest. It operates by showcasing images and lets users share and ‘re-pin’ images they like. Of course, the images link back to your website and text content. Share your page images and that’s it – no effort required.

Convert your webinar into a YouTube video

Webinars take quite a bit of effort to create, and you should be proud of your results. Don’t let that excellent energy and content go to waste in your cloud drive. Launch your webinar on YouTube for the world to see. Let people find you in a brand-new way. Be sure to let people know where to find the rest of your content and you’ll start to see new traffic.

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