Food Photos: Why Showcasing Your Favorite Dishes Boosts Your Business

It’s almost a cliché at this point. You can’t walk into a restaurant, brewery or café without seeing someone attempting to snap the perfect still shot of their latte, lager or linguini. There are entire stand-up comedy acts devoted to obliterating and bursting the bubbles of these “foodie photos”. And, the social backlash has been a hotbed issue right alongside this foodie framing. There’s a notion that if you’re taking pictures of your beverage or food then you’re not focusing on the person in front of you at the table. However, is that harsh critique really warranted at all times? Not necessarily. There’ s an aspect of this food fandom, branding wise, that can boost your business. How? Restaurant shout outs and food photos:


  1. Show Your Engagement with the Local Community—Community is only built when people build it. Social media, without human interaction would cease to exist—much like community. It’s important to flood social media with the positive messages we all need—you can be a part of that connection by simply taking a snapshot.
  2. Show Your Support for Small Business—Do you love a specific dish at a mom and pop restaurant? Why not give them a shout out? They will appreciate the call out and just may return the favor.
  3. Show Your Cultural Side—Now, you may have the most boring type of business there is, but YOU are not boring. And showcasing your favorite food and beverage hotspots can help boost your “cool” factor which helps boost your business. You may have helped Tom in the accounting world, but Tom had no idea that you loved jalapeno beer! Hello new conversation topic and cool point!
  4. Show Your Name—When you Instagram that T-Bone you hashtag the restaurant and that links you into the sea of news feeds and that sea is full of potential customers just waiting to find the perfect burger and the perfect beverage. If they see your continuously, it’ll really start to sink in that you’re a name to know.

So go ahead, be a foodie photographer every now and then. The message goes much further than just the table.

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