Snapchat: A Simple Way to Connect To Your Target Audience

“Are you on Snapchat?” It’s a question that almost everyone has heard in the past couple of years. The app that was created by a couple of college kids for a school project (yes, you read that right), has taken over the social media world. However, businesses are rightly confused about how to make the app applicable to their business objectives. Should it be avoided, thrown into the “maybe later” pile of other social media conquests, or should you start utilizing it? We say ‘utilize’—here’s why:


  1. Convenience: Snapchat may seem to be the most complicated social media platform, but after a few minutes you’ll find that the reason it is so synonymous with the verb “addicting” is because it is so simple. Videos and pictures can be as little or as long as the user wishes them to be. As soon as the app is opened, you’re right at the screen for ‘snapchatting’ to begin, and with a simple swipe right or left, you’re navigating in the simplest form.
  2. Low Pressure: Due to Snapchat’s short term posting, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ease and convenience. This means that companies and small business employees can feel more free to post those little tidbits of video or information that can seem to crowd their Facebook or twitter page. It’s kind of like running into a friend at a coffee shop; you can share a bit of your day and keep your face out in the social media world with little scrutiny.
  3. Shows Personality: This is especially applicable for small businesses. It’s difficult to gain a momentum for your brand and your employee’s personalities through Facebook or Twitter. Allowing your employees to share the seemingly mindless moments in the office furthers your solidification of a personality, and therefore your brand!
  4. Engage with the Community: Regardless of your size, it’s always beneficial to engage with the community surrounding you—this can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities, volunteering or charity donations. Utilizing Snapchat to showcase your activities within familiar destinations is a great way to solidify to others that you’re intent on putting more of your efforts into the local benefit, and that you’re familiar with your current roots!


Ultimately, with Snapchat’s simple platform and low pressure dynamic it’s the perfect “boost” or extra step towards getting your name and service into the nooks that you may currently be missing. You have something to say, and Snapchat wants to blast it for you!

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