“Unskilled Worker”: Insta-Gram to Insta-Fame

One of the best parts of social media platforms means that anyone can put their selves out into the world. You can publish your words for others to see, or you can belt your heart out to a cover of one of Adele’s most difficult ballads. You can present you, how you wish to, all across the internet. It can be bad for some people, but for others, it can be the window into a new and exciting world where following and sharing your passions isn’t not only completely out of reach, but accepted by thousands of praising fans. That’s what happened in the case of Helen Downie who submits her unique portrait paintings, which showcase elaborate attire through Instagram—the first one posted by a friend’s enthusiastic request. Now, Downie has thousands of followers and multiple invitations to the most elegant fashion events in the world. She’s followed by famous artists, actors and actresses and millionaires who often buy her work and hang it prominently in their offices and homes. It’s a fairytale ending for a 50 year-old woman who was expelled from school for dressing too ornately.
What can we learn from this? First, that it’s never too late to start doing anything that you’re passionate about! And second, surround yourself with those who encourage you to be and share who you are with the world. We live in a wonderful time of modernity that allows a window in which we as artists, creators and business owners can push ourselves and connect with the world, and our audience. Utilizing social media and utilizing it well is the first step in making use of a free service that allows you to market your own words—choose the right ones!
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