3 Tips To Rule Ecommerce In 2021

The global Coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in ecommerce sales across many business sectors.

With that in mind, we take a look at 3 ecommerce tips you use to boost your business sales online throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Social commerce

Successful stores sell across every platform and channel available. This involves connecting with customers where they are spending most of their time.

It’s likely more ecommerce transactions will take place on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok in the future.

For example Shopify developed deeper integrations with social site Facebook, and more recently with TikTok.

Shoppers can find, browse, and purchase products through the Instagram and Facebook apps directly with this payment integration.

The main takeaway is you can sell where your customers already are, instead of them coming to you.

More payment options

Experts believe that we will see online merchants offering more payment options than ever during 2021 and going forward.

Digital wallets such as Samsung Pay or Apple Pay will become much more popular, possibly soon overtaking credit cards.

Financing solutions that give buyers options on how to purchase and when to pay for their items will also be a growing trend in ecommerce.

It’s expected that the growing interest in cryptocurrencies will lead to it being a legitimized payment method for many ecommerce stores.

Ethical ecommerce

Businesses that lead with ethical business practices and give priority to environmental and social responsibility are growing in importance to shoppers.

Studies show 57 percent of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to combat negative environmental impact.

A big part of this for ecommerce brands is looking at their digital carbon footprint.

To lower the digital carbon footprint of a website, there’s a number of aspects store owners can improve. Using a web host that data centers run on renewable energy, streamlining UX to eliminate unnecessary page loads and optimizing images are just a few examples on how to use less energy.

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