Five Tips To Being Seen On Instagram

Instagram has more engaged users per post than either Twitter or Facebook. That means on average, each post on the image sharing site will have more comments and shares than the other two, arguably more well-known social media platforms.

Savvy brands have been quick to realize this and make a concerted effort to build their presence on Instagram. Here are 5 ways you can get your branded content seen and engaged with on Instagram!


1. Harness the power of hashtags

Hashtags are very powerful. Connecting to a larger conversation can bring your brand to new eyes. If you create your own hashtag to collect fan stories or promote a campaign, you can quickly see how users are interacting with your brand. You can add any number of hashtags to your posts, but don’t overdo it. Use a smart combination of trending hashtags and your own branded ones.


2. Share user-generated content

Social interaction is a massive element of Instagram’s appeal. Share user-generated content to highlight the love people have for your brand. It’s a form of social confirmation for potential customers. It can also encourage others to create your brand-centric content in the hope of having their own images shared by your account (mutual exposure).


3. Build cross-platform consistency

Text-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter give brands ample room to build their persona. Telling stories allows brands to demonstrate a consistent voice, brand and style. It is possible for your brand voice to shine through on image-focused Instagram as well – it just takes a slightly different approach.

Make it easy for customers to recognize you – keep your profile pictures and handles/usernames consistent across all platforms. Stick to using your brand logo as your profile picture, and only ever add small, seasonally appropriate tweaks (if that’s consistent with your branding).

If your Instagram presence is relatively small, you may want to direct traffic to your other social media channels (this extends to YouTube and your own website, too). Don’t be afraid to cross-promote your channels. You have the potential to build your brand and it allows your customers to interact with you in their preferred format.


4. Reach out

If you want to be seen, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Find Instagrammers with large numbers of followers, who align with your brand. Reach out and ask them to post about your brand, or feature your product in their images. If someone mentions or promotes your brand without prompting, get in touch to say thank you – building relationships with influential users can drive a lot of traffic, exposure and even sales.


5. Post at the right time

Along with content, timing is everything. The life of an average Instagram post is around 4 hours, so post when your target market is likely to be looking. Most people check their social media feeds as they wake up and before bed. Take time zones and demographic-specific spikes into account, too (professionals stuck in peak hour commutes have time to scroll, and so do high schoolers on a lunch break).

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