How To Add Personalization To Email Marketing Campaigns

Businesses now have the capacity to communicate with their customers in a variety of ways, meaning that they can reach them on a more personal level. Adding a personalized tone to your email marketing campaigns will make your target customers more likely to click on your email instead of sending it straight to their junk or spam.


However, there are steps you need to take first to ensure you utilize this technique to the best capacity.


  1. Know your target audience – look through your customer database and begin to take note of factors such as where they work, live, their ages, and their genders. Put them into groups where customers have something in common as this will make it easier for you to create a bespoke campaign for them. Try not to fall into stereotypes but you can begin to group together customers who are the same age or work in the same industry. An easier way to do this rather than looking through the data you already have could be to send out a survey to your customers as this can include whatever information you may wish to learn from them.
  2. Use audience mirroring to increase customer base – pay attention to your results from any message testing and mirror the segments. You can then begin to work through other prospects that you want to set forward to your customers, mirroring the segments that worked but tweaking them to fit. This will help you to address your audience across different marketing platforms.
  3. Email segmentation to the right audience – you know now how to reach your audience and how to group them for your data purposes. However, it will only work if you use the right message. By segmenting your emails, you will have better results as you will be able to deliver content that resonates with each of your customers specifically. Even though your customers are naturally going to be aware of the fact that the ‘bespoke’ email sent to themselves will have in fact, been sent to multiple people of the same demographic; it will still have the effect of the customer feeling valued by the business.


By combining all three of these simple steps, you will have personalized your email marketing campaigns to a new level and will be able to reach loyal and new customers.



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