Remarketing – Why It Works And 5 Tips For Success

Remarketing – Why It Works And 5 Tips For Success

The term remarketing often goes under-acknowledged, yet this marketing strategy could be the most effective form of advertising for turning your spend into conversions.

In fact, remarketing has shown to outperform the traditional methods of display advertising and email lists for 92% of users in a recent survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


What is Remarketing and Why is it Underused?


Remarketing is simply exactly that: you market repeatedly, redistributing the exact same ad and leave a consistent, repeated impression on consumers, in order to increase the likelihood of conversions.


Despite the obvious benefits to this strategy, the current knowledge and awareness surrounding remarketing are low. While remarketing continues to be overlooked businesses could be limiting the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Take advantage of this strategy with these 5 top tips to help you gain endless campaign impressions by remarketing the right way.


Tip One:  Persistent, not irritating.


While the purpose of remarketing is to frequently remind people of your ads and what you offer, don’t over it. If your ad begins to be shown too often to the exact same people, your remarketing strategy could be harmful, not beneficial. To avoid this, set a frequency limit for your retargeting campaigns to avoid driving away existing and future traffic.



Tip Two: Target the correct people.


Make sure you are utilizing your marketing expenditure wisely by targeting the correct audience for your company or campaign. Make use of your current demographic data and analytics to understand who and where your remarketing should be focused on. If most of your sales and traffic comes from women in the beauty business between the ages of 30 and 38, construct a campaign that will be of interest to them; drastically reducing the number of dollars wasted.




Tip Three: Don’t be cheap.


Never underestimate the power of a captivating ad, which can be achieved through hiring a professional copywriter or designer. Unfortunately, due to the consumer attention-span of today’s society, alongside a limited ad space, it is vital that you optimize every section of your campaign. If your retargeting is to global markets, make sure to invest in translators in order to localize your messages across the world.


Tip Four: CTA OR Call To Action.


A campaign is redundant without a proper call to action and your remarketing campaign should be no different. Make sure you are providing a clear, concise, and appealing objective for your audience which leaves little room for uncertainty and indecision.


Tip Five: Optimize with A/B Testing.


By understanding what causes certain campaigns to produce certain outcomes, you will be able to optimize your retargeting outcomes. Experiment with slight changes between two campaigns, be it the main image, the font, the CTA, or the opening ‘hook’.


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