What is Clubhouse? And 4 Reasons It Is Important For Digital Marketing

Most people don’t know about Clubhouse yet. That’s because it’s still in Beta with an invite-only rollout at the moment. Let’s be clear, Clubhouse is going to be a massive deal in the months and years ahead.

What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is essentially a new kind of audio-based social app that is much closer to replicating real life than other networking sites. Imagine what it would be like if any number of people gathered together around a lounge or a table to just talk. Then, others got to listen in. It is this direct, intimate experience that gives Clubhouse its appeal.

Here are 4 ways Clubhouse is going to be important for digital marketing.

1. Targeted groups

Clubhouse users create “Rooms” to manage conversations on different topics. Or users can join other people’s rooms to participate in the chosen conversation or simply listen in.  This means that audiences can be highly targeted around their interests in a certain topic. The level of audience segmentation available on Clubhouse is likely to appeal to marketers.

2. Clubhouse plays on FOMO

What gives Clubhouse the real-life feel is that conversations are wiped after each session so you have to actively participate in real-time or you miss out. This gives the platform an urgency and real-time relevance that other platforms don’t have. This also gives marketers the chance to reach live audiences with time-sensitive marketing messages.

3. Big names dig it

Clubhouse is already known for attracting big-name users and for allowing them to connect with others. At a time where nearly all networking events have been canceled, it makes Clubhouse even more important in 2021 and beyond. If you want to grow followers Clubhouse is a great platform for others who like the content you curate to engage with you.

4. Collaboration with others

If you create a room on an interesting topic with a unique enough angle or opinion you should be able to attract others from your industry that have a bigger social following than you. By engaging others in conversation and collaborating in your room, you can likely gain greater influence and more followers from other industry leaders and their fans.

How to join Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently only open to those invited by its creators in order to test features. Invites have mainly been sent to known figures in the media, tech, and entertainment industries.

There is one other way you can get an invite to Clubhouse now. Each person already on the platform gets a few invites to send out with others they feel would enjoy what Clubhouse has to offer.

Do you know a creative or tech industry professional? Maybe they can get you into Clubhouse now, without waiting for it to open up.

Right now, Clubhouse is only available on Apple iOS devices but an Android version will launch around May this year.

You can find our CEO & Visual Caffeine’s Visionary Rabbit in clubhouse at @chealevilla

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