3 Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2023

Futuristic inspired graphic design trends will set the mood for 2023 as brand designers and marketers bring personality to projects.

Inspired by digital and cultural trends the top emerging styles for 2023 include flared fonts, minimal vintage, and photographic branding. Discover more about each of these 2023 graphic design trends below.


1. Flared Fonts

Designers will be looking for typefaces that stand out and flared serif fonts are a good option when serif use in branding has reached a saturation point in recent years.

The next derivative of serifs, flared serifs combine the simplicity of sans serifs with the more eccentric nature of serif designs. Logo and headline designs for packaging, websites, or periodicals take on shape and personality thanks to a kicked out ligature.

Flared serifs are excellent for creating a warm and upbeat typographic atmosphere, making them a perfect choice for family branding or children’s items while still looking professional.


2. Minimal Vintage

The minimal vintage graphic design trend pays a modest homage to the old design styles of the 20th century while keeping with a broader trend towards minimalist styling in print design.

The essential strategy with this trend is to avoid making designs appear immediately retro or vintage; instead, a subtly chosen color scheme or typeface can allude to a specific decade.

When combined with other elements this styling blends retro-inspired illustration with modern aesthetic and creates something that feels new all together.


3. Photographic Branding

In branding, photography will be employed to give brand identities an immersive and human character in 2023.

Illustration has experienced a significant recovery in recent years, and has been used as a lead in many brand identities for companies like PayPal, Mailchimp, Slack, Headspace and platforms like LinkedIn. PayPal’s decision to update its branding with a “people first” photo-centric set of images is one example of the direction of branding trends in 2023 moving more towards photography.

Photographs can create a more immediate and concrete medium than illustration and one which easily crosses over and converts to motion video for ad campaigns and social media.



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