3 Ways To Do A/B Testing On Your Website

3 Ways To Do A/B Testing On Your Website

A/B Testing is vital if you want to optimize your business website. A/B testing provides the opportunity to test campaigns and marketing strategies and drive as much traffic per impression as possible.


Through understanding what attracts your audience towards your website, this enables you to better utilize the ‘why’, whether that be certain imagery, a different CTA or font between one campaign and another, preventing you and your website from wasting unnecessary money on unsuccessful marketing.


So what should you be focusing on when A/B testing your Website?





We all judge a book by its cover, whether we’re meant to or not; and your marketing campaigns are no different, as many consumers are swayed by-products based on their online images alone.


You can alternate and A/B Test your images by testing different variations, for example:


  • 360 degree moving product image VS various still images of the product.


  • Single, stand-alone image of a product VS a model showcasing the product.


  • Angles: Zoomed in/heavily focused on the product VS Wide-angle.


Call To Action


Similarly to the imagery of products, consumer behavior is heavily influenced by a campaign CTA, and testing what strategy works best for your website is a vital tip to drive more traffic.


You can alternate and A/B test your CTA’s by:


  • Being visual: optimize your brand’s CTA button with a color that stands out VS sticking to your brand’s continuous color.


  • Placement: the top of the campaign VS the bottom of the page.


  • Personability: experiment between CTA with more personal aspects, such as “I would love to know more” VS “Find Out More”.


  • Consumer gain: CTA’s such as “Yes, I want to grow my platform” VS “Sign up and Learn More”.



Titles and Headlines


Much like imagery, the headlines of your campaigns are vital in captivating your consumer’s attention and directing them to your website. A bad headline leads to low impressions and therefore, low sales.

You can alternate and A/B Test your headlines by:

  • Simplicity over Descriptive: A/B testing a direct, no-nonsense headline VS an intriguing and descriptive one: “5 Ways to Improve your Health” VS “5 Unique Tips to Improve your health and Lifestyle”.
  • Urgency over Relaxation: A/B testing a headline with a sense of immediacy VS a more relaxed approach: “How to Lose Weight” VS “Lose weight today!”
  • Numeracy over Text-only: A/B Testing a headline that optimizes numbers VS a text-only headline: “8 Ways to sell your car fast” VS “How to sell your car fast”.



You can also utilize free tools and websites in order to optimize your headlines and gain more traction with your customers. These include:


–  Headline Envy

–  Title Experiments

–  Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer



A/B Testing is one of the most insightful ways of gaining an understanding of your website’s traffic, customers, and overall engagement. By utilizing these tools, your business will be able to fully optimize future advertisements, marketing campaigns, and begin to see more results from its advertisement expenditure.



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