Is It Time To Update Your SEO Strategy?

Keeping an eye on the future and anticipating what Google is planning next is a big part of any successful SEO strategy.

Google search is constantly introducing changes with each impacting how SEO campaigns should be structured.

Here are a few of the things to keep in mind when planning your SEO strategy during 2020.

Artificial intelligence

Since 2015, when Google introduced the RankBrain algorithm we have known that artificial intelligence will become more and more important in SEO.

Google says that the introduction of BERT, an algorithm that uses natural language processing, represents one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search.

This means that SEO professionals must focus on creating the most useful, natural, and high-quality content possible in order to rank well.

Voice search is here to stay

When it was first launched many believed that voice search would never catch on. While the adoption rate is slower than predicted, there is no doubt that voice search is becoming more popular helped by devices like Amazon’s Alexa, or Mercedes MBUX.

Consider that there are over 120 million smart speakers in the US alone, with 35.6 million voice searches per month. SEO plans need to think about where on their websites they can engage with voice searches.

Google is heavily invested in using entities

Google is putting a lot of resources into Entities. Put simply, entities are concepts that are singular, unique, and distinguishable. Entities can be something like an idea or a color. As long as it is either unique, singular, and distinguishable it is an entity.


Search intent allows understanding behind the motivation for a search, while entities pick out specific pieces of information that are mentioned, from colors to product names or numbers and units. This should help provide more accurate  results to users

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