Post Black Friday Marketing Messaging

Every business owner knows the importance of Black Friday and the pre Christmas sales rush after the Thanksgiving holiday.

But what about after the event? There’s still 4 or 5 weeks left until Christmas day and this is a key time for businesses to generate revenue. What are the best marketing strategies and messages to use in this period between Black Friday and Christmas?

The average consumer still needs to buy a lot of gifts, and goods for the Christmas holiday so hitting them with the right messaging can help you increase sales and get more market share at this crucial sales period.

Choose the right message

Black Friday messaging is all about sales, discounts, offers, bargains and deals. So naturally many consumers still have their antennae out looking for deals that are running beyond Black Friday week in the hope of grabbing a bargain. It’s also possible that many shoppers will be fatigued by the discounted sales messaging and perhaps they didn’t find offers on anything they were looking for, or that the offers were not as great as they hoped.

This is an opportune moment to deliver alternative messaging to customers, by choosing a new narrative that might be more appealing and that will help you stand out.

Here are a few options you can consider for the tone of your post Black Friday marketing messages.


Value – While the messages during Black Friday may be around price, value is a way to appeal to customers who may be price conscious but in a slightly different way with more focus on your brand. Value is not always about the lowest price or best offer, but telling customers why your price point is justified and what you offer them over the competition.

Point of difference – What unique attributes do your products or services have over others in the same market? When the sales are over and lower prices and deals are not enough to drive consumer behavior, you can give customers a reason to choose your brand if you can stand out and focus your messaging around your unique attributes.

Quality – At a time when the focus of ad campaigns and social posts are on price and deals, reminding customers of the quality of your products and service can be a good strategy to help your brand attract customers post the sale period.

Speed – Timing is crucial in the period after Black Friday with Christmas just weeks away. Customers want to ensure they receive their items in good time so you can focus your messages on postal deadlines, speedy delivery and promising customers that you will deliver.

Loyalty – A good way of tapping into the sales and deals you have already offered customers is to use messaging around loyalty programs you offer to encourage them to buy from you again. Offer the incentive of additional discounts further down the line with qualifying purchases.

Once you have decided on the right messaging for your post Black Friday marketing, you can promote it to customers in your blogs, ads, social posts, and video channels.

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