Six Types Of Social Media For Your Company To Share

Updating up the editorial calendar for your brand’s social media channels can feel like a never-ending task. It can be a challenge to provide up-to-date and relevant content for your followers. If your well is running dry, try these ideas. Of course, customize the content to make it fit your brand persona.

Promote your values

If your company has a set of values that direct your actions, it may be a good idea to highlight them with your customers and followers. Generate posts that showcase your commitment to aligned causes, or interviews with staff ‘behind the scenes’ that emphasize your values-focused efforts.

Refresh content that performed well

Review your past 6-12 months of content. Pull out the top performing posts across all platforms. Why did those posts perform better than others? See if you can refresh the message or image into new content with a similar message. If you choose wisely you should see increased engagement – after all, your client base has already shown its approval.

Highlight content that’s relevant to your industry

If a new report or information that relates to your industry has been released, take advantage. Instead of a quick link to the new report, write up a brief blog post that draws relevant links between it and your company. It will provide context and value to your followers.

Generate engagement

If you’re only seeking to engage with your audience when you want to launch a product or sell something, you will quickly lose their attention. Don’t be afraid to post content with the intention to generate meaningful engagement with your followers. Make sure your social media response team is prepared for additional interactions.

Host guest content

Don’t feel like you must be a font of new information all the time. Seek out guest contributors for your platforms. They might be industry leaders or influencers who have a strong voice in your category. They might have their own content they’d be happy to share (or be linked to) or may be willing to write a custom piece for you. This type of content reinforces authority and can be cross-posted across platforms.

Promote your supply chain

If you want to build your relationships with suppliers, profile them on your social media channels. Customers often respond very positively to origin stories. If you can tell stories about how your product comes into being, or where the raw materials come from, you may notice an uptick in engagement and content sharing. If you are promoting complementary brands, you may like to see if a reciprocal agreement could be made.

These ideas may not translate across every industry or every timeline but consider if you can tweak the ideas and parlay them into engaging content for your social media feeds. Even if you’re not short on content, you might benefit from a fresh approach.

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