Target Audience: Every Picture Sells a Story (don’t it)…

Target Audience: Every Picture Sells a Story (don’t it)…

When you close your eyes and imagine your target audience can you see her/him/them clearly? If not, that’s hurting your business. Whether you’re in business to customer sales, or business to business sales—and whether you’re selling sports equipment or gourmet chocolate, you’ve go to have a target audience in mind in order to really take your sails in the right direction. At Visual Caffeine, we always stress the importance of knowing your target audience. We even like you to imagine them throughout their day! Why is it so important to have a detailed image of your target audience/consumer? Here are three reasons:

  1. It helps solidify the direction for your marketing materials.

Marketing is NOT branding. It is a part of branding—and it can be a big part. When you’re thinking of marketing tactics, it helps a great deal, to know how you’re reaching your audience. If your target consumer is over 65+ and golfs on the weekend, the last thing you want to do is purchase half-page advertisement in the local alternative newspaper. While that’s an extreme example, the reality is that every detail matters when marketing under your brand standards. Chances are, if you don’t have a target consumer, you may not have a targeted brand image right now.

  1. It helps you speak clearly to your consumers.

The consumers of a skateboarding brand are going to have a vastly different vocabulary (both figuratively and literally) from a cleaning product’s brand. Creating and cultivating this target consumer can help you speak to them through your content, images and touch-points. If you can communicate effectively with your target audience, you can sell to them effectively.

  1. It helps you make money.

This is the bottom line—it helps your bottom line. Any effort that falls on deaf ears due to lack of centered and focused images of target consumers will result in you losing money. And we’re guessing you didn’t go into business to lose money! Your target audience is waiting for you to show them what they need and want, if you don’t know who they are, you can’t help them.

As a creative branding agency, Visual Caffeine believes in focusing on creating that target consumer. Only then can you develop your brand and materials accurately. Not only do we believe in what we do, we also love doing it. If you’re confused about who your target consumer is, or how to creatively communicate to them what you’re all about, then give us a call.

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