The Whole Package: Why Epic Customer Service Matters in Product Shipping

In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get wrapped up (no pun intended) in quick shipping and speedy service. However, if fast food has taught us anything, it’s that flying through a process can take the art out of the grub—or the product, in this case. People will always need goods and, regardless of what happens, mail will be sent and packages will be delivered. Since businesses have so many technology-ridden options when it comes to communicating and enveloping their customers, the packaging, shipping, and delivery of a product after the sale, often gets put on the backburner. We think that’s sad. It’s also hurtful to your business. Here are a few reasons why epic customer service matters when it comes to shipping processes within your company.

It Leaves an Impression
When is the last time you received a personalized letter in the mail? Didn’t it feel kind of good to be personally addressed in the correspondence? Don’t try to be cool; you know you loved it. What’s wrong with bringing that back into the world of products and shipping. Personalized messages to your buyers (regardless of how big your business is) can go a long way in reiterating your commitment to your product, your processes, and your customers. If you don’t build a relationship, to some degree, with your clientele, then they’ll have no reason to buy from you. A business who takes the time to leave a personal touch, whether it’s a letter stating how much you hope they enjoy the product or to contact your company with any questions (and no, the mass printed sticker on the bottom doesn’t count), will solidify themselves in the minds of purchasers. Sure, it might take a little bit of effort, but the rewards you’ll reap are well worth it!

It Gets the Word Out
Clients and customers are far more likely to take time out of their day to leave a negative review in regards to customer service than they are to leave a positive review. However, what they will do, is tell their friends and family about positive experiences. Why? Because we’re so conditioned to expect negative and impersonal interactions with businesses that, when we do encounter that positive one, it’s news-worthy! That shouldn’t be the case, but it is. Ensuring you give a personalized and communicative customer service experience is kind of the insurance you pay (with your time) to make sure the negative repercussions don’t come through the Yelp review. Keep in mind, however, that the positive reviews may not be read by potential customers or clients, but they are being heard by them.

It Reflects on Your In-House Communication
If you don’t go the extra mile in your correspondence and customer experience, purchasers will assume you don’t go the extra mile in your business. They may even assume you don’t go the extra mile with your employees, and thus, your employees don’t go the extra mile for their business. It’s a house of cards. And while those assumptions may be wrong, you can’t argue with their logic too much. Just like people, businesses are a reflection of their internal, personal development. Even if you have internal communication or team-work issues, those are elements that can be improved—but, the customer’s opinion may not be so easy to change. Take the chances that are available to you to emphasize your business dynamic and values.

It Builds Your Brand
Everything we’ve mentioned regarding customer services and experiences when it comes to packaging culminates into this: your brand is everywhere your business is, regardless of where it goes. That lackluster package that arrives on a doorstep and is opened up to reveal blandness and generic correspondence—that’s your brand at that moment. And to change that, it only takes a couple of creative steps or implementations. Why waste the opportunity to reiterate who you are and how you want to be seen? Give them the whole package.


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