3 Key Digital Marketing to Follow for 2024

A new year brings a different dynamic, with new emerging technologies, evolving consumer trends, and changes in marketing tactics. Here are 3 key trends we expect to influence B2B and B2C campaigns in 2024.


1.   Threads is a place for public conversations

Threads can essentially be considered Meta’s version of X (formerly Twitter).

Threads launched in July 2023 and already claims to have 100 million monthly users. This figure will only rise after the platform recently launched in EU countries. Threads works in a similar way to X and is used for sharing text-based updates and taking part in public conversations.

We are already seeing a lot of brands engage on Threads primarily by starting conversations, asking questions or sharing ideas.

Brands should definitely sign up and at least have a presence on Threads, even if it is not a main social platform for your brand currently. Sign ups are increasing rapidly in2024 so getting your username soon is a good idea. It is a good moment to jump in and experiment with the platform, check out what other popular brands are doing on Threads, the likes of Ted Talks are posting popular content.

As with X, most of the engagement with Threads happens in-platform, during conversations rather than being a way to take traffic to your website or other channels, focusing instead on brand awareness and experience.


2. LinkedIn organic reach is booming

Engagement rates have been slowing on most social networks, but LinkedIn looks likely to buck the trend in 2024.

There are now over 1 billion worldwide members on LinkedIn, but more interesting is how the platform has evolved since the pandemic.

While LinkedIn used to be full of dry content and mostly considered just a place to upload your resumé and look for a job, in 2024 it looks very different.

People are updating their LinkedIn profiles and giving insights on their lives, skills, and careers while also offering advice, support, and discussing mental health issues.

A lot of engagement on LinkedIn happens between individuals and creators, but brands and company pages can have a lot of success interacting with followers on LinkedIn too.

As well as all the organic potential on LinkedIn that you can access for free, there are a number of paid advertising options too. Video ads seem to be driving the most engagement right now, and that is likely to continue throughout 2024.


3. Building sustainability credentials

No matter if you sell to B2B or B2C markets, sustainability matters to customers right now. The number of buyers choosing sustainable products is predicted to swell in 2024.

A PWC survey found that over 70% of customers were willing to pay more for products that have strong sustainability credentials. The trend towards sustainably-produced goods means shoppers are aligning purchases with social and environmental worries and voting with their wallets.

This is such a strong principle for consumers that they will overlook products they want, if they are not doing the best thing for the environment, and seek out alternatives. This also gives companies that can prove strong sustainability to charge higher premium prices.

Brands can perform audits of business operations and the lifecycle of products and services to ensure improved suitability and social responsibility. It’s likely to pay off with more sales in 2024 and beyond.


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