4 Ways to Boost Your YouTube Videos Views


If you have read some of our previous blog articles, you will already know the value of video content, and you might have picked up a few tips on the type of content you can create for your YouTube channel

If you have started publishing content on YouTube, you might wonder how to get more views and value from the effort you have put into writing and filming a video. 

We will look at four proven ways to get more views for your videos. 


Rank your videos on Google

Google sends lots of search traffic to YouTube videos from the search result pages. If user queries match your video title, content, and topics, then it is possible your video will appear in the results. 

You can optimize your video titles and descriptions for keywords and also help it rank by looking at things such as fixing your closed captions. Make sure the text and keywords in your video captions are transcribed accurately. A closed-caption file delivers a text-based transcript of your entire video and opens it up to search engines for indexing. 


Create an eye-catching thumbnail

YouTube is a visual platform with competing content on the same topics. Therefore thumbnails for your video can help you get more clicks and therefore rack up higher views over the long term. 

To do this successfully, you should create a custom image utilizing graphic design instead of simply opting for a still from your video. You should use an image that shows your video solves the users’ search and add text to the thumbnail to reemphasize that the content is relevant to the user. 


Make the most of playlists for suggested views

Suggested views are the “up next” videos that automatically start to play after the current video ends. 

Often these are popular videos from more established channels, so if you’re starting out, you can at least take the “up next” spot for views on your own videos. You can do this by creating a series playlist. So once someone has watched one video, the next one in your series will auto play next. It helps you get more views on more videos from each user. 


Embed your videos on forums that get traffic

As we already discussed with ranking your videos for Google searches, traffic can be sent to your videos from all over the web, not just via searches within YouTube. When you embed videos in your posts on other popular social websites or forums like Reddit, you find more traffic and views for your videos from people interested in your niche.


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