Brandless. One Hell of a Brand.

The new company called ‘Brandless’ is touting itself as a brand-free alternative to a ‘Times-Square’ world of commercialism. There’s only one problem: they’ve got one hell of a brand. From everything to their website to their company-to-customer dialogue, they’re hitting the mark while stating that they didn’t really have, or care, to have a mark to hit. Let’s looks at some of the Brandless elements that make them a quality brand.

Product Placement

These guys know how to set the scene. Each of their photos and on-web displays looks like the crisp, clean bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. You know that feeling when you walk into an Ikea room and just want to live in it? That’s what looking at Brandless’ online store is like; it’s immediately simple and calming. It’s clean.


The not-quite-pastel colors with the, soon to be iconic, white font sets the tone for each package. It’s crisp and makes you believe that you can have simplicity in your life again, you just have to buy it at $3 a purchase (regardless of the product). Isn’t that wonderful?!

Mission Statement

They. Have. A. Mission Statement. And it’s pretty good. You leave their About page feeling that, not only do you know them, but you want to be a part of what they are doing. The idea of purchasing a simple smorgasbord of items that are deliverable to your door is enough to pull you in, but they go further. Their mission statement and brand identity are all about dismissing labels and the common buying practices that play into touting one’s wealth or status. But somehow, by buying through Brandless, you almost feel like one of the cool kids. You don’t care about trends, which is very chic right now. Well played Brandless.

Social Media Continuity

They have a lot of taglines that exemplify their non-branding, ahem, branding efforts. From tote bags that say “Live More, Brand Less” to prompts towards their audience that promote positivity and self-declaration. It’s all very ironic. It’s all very meta. It’s all very on-brand for Brandless.


So what do we learn from this? You can’t get away from branding, especially when that’s your brand. It’s impossible! Branding is a fixture of your brand, regardless of whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. It’s as simple as that. Any business, or service, or individual who conducts themselves in the world has an image that they project. Every day that image (brand) exists. You can let it out to breath on its own and hope it works out, or you can start cultivating it. You don’t have the power to have a brand or not to have a brand. You do have the power to control it. And if you need some help, call an expert. Visual Caffeine has been in the business of branding for over fifteen years. We’re intent on helping businesses grow and gain a cultivated identity in the world. Brand it over to us; we’ll be happy to help.

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