Coronavirus and Marketing – How to Create a Relevant Marketing Strategy

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has swept across the globe radically transforming the lives of everyone it touches. Many of us have been directly affected by the disease, while others are struggling with lockdown restrictions, business closures, and homeschooling.


The impact of the virus on the business community has been undeniable. Many consumers are limiting their spending while business owners are panicking about the lack of custom. However, it’s crucial that we continue to market our small business brands in order to engage in a positive way with customers while they’re struggling.


There’s no doubt about it – knowing what to say as a brand at a time of crisis like this is not easy. Let’s discuss how to adjust our marketing tone and messaging as a business during the pandemic.


Decide how you want your brand to be of help


At times like these, it’s crucial that we show up for our local communities. Instead of selling, our focus should now be on supporting. Decide how your particular brand can be a supportive force for your community.


For some brands, this will be through relatable stories, for others, it will be comedic relief, and for some, it might be through discounted services for frontline workers. However, you choose to become a supportive force throughout this pandemic, make sure that your messaging shows this support in authentic, honest messaging.


In some cases, there might be a time-sensitive element. For instance, if you run a food delivery service and you’ve decided to offer discounts for healthcare workers, be sure to advertise what they need to know now. In this case, what’s on offer, how they order, and where they collect.

Take a little step back


While it is a great time to create plenty of marketing content for your customer base, remember that these uncertain times affect us all differently – even those of us in the marketing industry.

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