Tacos, Tacos, Tacos: The Lesson of the Taco

The idea behind repetition is when a consumer is looking for a certain product or service, the name of your brand comes to mind and is already familiar to them. By using repetition they will know what you do and what makes you different.


There are several different types of advertising repetition, the most obvious example is to simply repeat the same advertisement, such as a social media ad, over again.


When you are repeating a message of what you do or who you are it may seem spammy or annoying but you need to realize that when people are observing your messaging or observing your marketing they are only registering or remembering a tiny percentage so repetition is vital.


Here’s a little fact that may be helpful for you. When you run an ad in a publication that ad has to be seen at least 21 times before the end-user even recalls or remembers the ad. So if you’re worried about putting out information on social media multiple times or repeating yourself in videos with similar information or even putting up multiple signage in your brick and mortar space… remember the lesson of the taco – repetition is a vital part of marketing!


In his book Story, Robert Mckee talks about some of the best storytellers and the greatest screenplays crafted in Hollywood and world cinema. He raises the point that even these master storytellers layer in the same points multiple times in the opening of a story. Whether it be a point related to the plot or to develop a character, the established wisdom is even with a captive audience watching a movie, there is a need to use repetition to ensure the main takeaway hits home with the viewer.


In marketing, we rarely have the luxury of a captive audience and we are competing against various other advertisers, social media feeds, TV, video games, and much more for people’s attention.


Using repetition doesn’t need to turn you into a bot or make you boring. There are a hundred ways and more you can get your message out there. Use the lesson of the taco, use repetition, keep making the main points that set your brand apart, and get creative!


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